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Our free Self-Care for Caregivers Guide encourages mesothelioma caregivers to take the time to focus on their own health with:

  • A daily self-care checklist
  • Tips to prevent burnout
  • Support group resources

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What’s Included

This self-care guide includes a comprehensive 30 day checklist of activities that focus the caregiver’s emotional and physical well-being.

30 Day Self-Care Checklist

Take a break with this comprehensive list of daily activities that focus on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Caregiver Support Resources

Learn more about connecting with other mesothelioma caregivers to share stories and advice with those on a similar journey.

Signs of Burnout

Find out about the signs of stress and practice daily rituals to help prevent burnout and exhaustion.

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We know a mesothelioma diagnosis can affect everyone in the family. If you are a caregiver, you may be prone to exhaustion — but taking care of yourself means being a better caregiver. Learn the signs of burnout and relaxation methods to help you de-stress.

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