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4 Natural Mesothelioma Treatments

Mesothelioma patients can find relief from painful symptoms with natural treatments like acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, and dietary supplements. That said, patients should speak with doctors to make sure that natural treatments will be helpful. While natural treatments can ease pain, standard cancer treatments offer the best chance for long-term survival. Natural Treatments for Mesothelioma Explained…

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Clinical Trial Recruiting Mesothelioma Patients to Undergo Immunotherapy Treatment MesoPher

Amphera, a Dutch biotechnology company has been developing a new immunotherapy drug for pleural mesothelioma — MesoPher. In March 2019, the company announced they have recruited the first patients to participate in their Phase 2/3 study to investigate MesoPher as a second-line treatment option for pleural mesothelioma. Currently, chemotherapy using a mixture of Alimta® (pemetrexed)…

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Mesothelioma Stem Cell Therapy

Pacific Mesothelioma Center Receives Patent for Mesothelioma Stem Cell Therapy

The Pacific Mesothelioma Center (PMC) in Los Angeles, California has been issued a U.S. patent for a new treatment—mesothelioma stem cell therapy. The center at the Pacific Heart, Lung and Blood Institute can now offer mesenchymal stem cell treatment and clinical research opportunities to patients with pleural mesothelioma. New Treatments Provide New Hope Stem cell…

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Upcoming Annual International Mesothelioma Symposium

The annual International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma is coming up — March 25-27, 2019, in Bethesda, MD. This mesothelioma symposium brings together mesothelioma patients, their families, doctors, and scientists and allows the community to learn about the latest research from the individuals conducting it. The Mesothelioma Symposium is an essential event for the research community…

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Preclinical Trial for New Mesothelioma Drug Receives EU Funding

The European Union (EU) has awarded Aromics — a Spanish biotechnology company — €1 million (Euros) for its BERMES project that’s working on a novel mesothelioma drug. These funds will allow the company to finish its preclinical trials for this new drug, NAX035. The medical community needs to find effective targeted mesothelioma therapies because the…

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