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For over 20 years, our caring team has helped mesothelioma patients and their loved ones, providing free resources about top mesothelioma treatments, specialists, financial assistance, and more.

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What Is Mesothelioma?

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare but often deadly type of cancer that develops in the lining of the lungs or abdomen decades after asbestos exposure.

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Since this disease is so rare and complex, your first — and best — line of defense is getting a treatment plan designed by a top doctor at a cancer center specializing in mesothelioma.

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100% Free Resources for Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma Hope offers several free resources for mesothelioma patients and their families. This includes our complimentary guide and medical materials, support group resources, help finding doctors and cancer centers, VA benefits filing assistance, and free legal consultations with experienced law firms owned by veterans.

Regardless of where you are in your mesothelioma journey, there are many options for you and your family to get the help you deserve.

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