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Top Guide on Mesothelioma 3rd Edition

Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Todd Gersten & Amy Fair, RN

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What’s in the Guide?

Our 2024 Mesothelioma Guide is packed with 90+ pages of information on diagnosis and survival rates along with sections on treatment, top doctors, veterans benefits, financial support, and more.

Essential Information

Get the facts on what you need to know about mesothelioma, including symptoms, diagnosis, staging, and survival rates.

Treatment Options

Explore the latest treatments offered by leading doctors that can improve life expectancy and ease symptoms.

Financial Support

Get information on accessing financial assistance through VA benefits, asbestos trust funds, and legal claims.

Information You Can Trust

The content in our free 2024 Mesothelioma Guide has been medically reviewed for accuracy.

Dr. Todd Gersten

Dr. Todd Gersten

Cancer Doctor

Amy Fair

Amy Fair, RN

20+ Years as a
Mesothelioma Nurse

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