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How It Works

Our Patient Advocates are passionate about helping you get connected with top mesothelioma doctors and cancer treatment centers.

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Fill out the form or call us at (866) 608-8933 and a trained Patient Advocate will contact you to begin the Doctor Match process.

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Your Patient Advocate will ask questions designed to match you with the mesothelioma doctor best suited to your diagnosis.

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Once connected with the right mesothelioma doctor, you’ll be able to start on your personalized treatment plan.

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“Lauren, our Patient Advocate, listened to our story and was very helpful. She took the time to address our concerns and needs, providing us hope.”

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Mesothelioma doctors have the knowledge and experience to create the right treatment plan for you or a loved one. Let our team help you find qualified doctors in your area.

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Free Doctor Match Program FAQs

How will I get matched to a doctor?

Our team of Patient Advocates will call you to learn about you and your mesothelioma diagnosis. Our experts will then find a top mesothelioma doctor in your area based on your unique diagnosis.

We understand that every mesothelioma patient is different and deserves high-quality, specialized treatment. Our experienced team will use resources to help find a doctor near you that is experienced in treating your type of mesothelioma.

What information will I need for the call?

A member of the Mesothelioma Hope team will call you with a few questions that will help them match you with nearby doctors.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers ready right now. Our compassionate team is standing by to help in any way they can.

Some of the questions our Patient Advocates may ask include:

  • Do you have a mesothelioma diagnosis?
  • What are your symptoms?
  • Do you know if you were ever exposed to asbestos?
  • Are there any treatment options you have in mind?
  • Are you able to travel for treatment, or do you prefer to stay local?

Can you help me enroll in a clinical trial?

Yes. If you are interested in trying new types of treatment, we can help you find active clinical trials in your area.

Some new and emerging mesothelioma treatments include targeted therapy, gene therapy, vaccine therapy, and others.

How much does mesothelioma treatment cost?

Your treatment costs will depend on your health insurance coverage, veterans benefits (if any), and other factors. Our team of Patient Advocates can help you find a mesothelioma specialist that works with your insurance and budget.

We can also help you understand your financial options, including filing a mesothelioma claim to help pay for treatment, travel, and other related expenses.

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