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This top-rated planner is endorsed by the American Cancer Society and contains over 330 customizable pages designed to help you take control of your mesothelioma journey.

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What’s Included?

This is the only treatment planner that focuses on organization and positive psychology to help you take control of your mesothelioma diagnosis.


Keep track of important appointments, medication schedules, and questions to ask your doctor.


Practice daily gratitude with inspirational daily quotes and writing prompts crafted to improve your mind, body, and spirit.

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Share your planner with your care team and loved ones to keep them up to date on your health.

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Organize your schedule and goals to take control of your mesothelioma treatment plan.

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“I was so overwhelmed and lost when my husband was diagnosed. This planner was a dream come true. It helped me organize his medication, doctor's appointments, and his diet. I took it to every single appointment. God bless!”

Susan B.

Why Should I Use a Treatment Planner?

This cancer planner can help you stay organized, motivated, updated, and hopeful.

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