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beth swantek

Beth Swantek

Contributing Writer

Beth Swantek, a seasoned journalist based in Michigan, contributes her 30+ years of media expertise to Mesothelioma Hope. Driven by personal experiences, she crafts impactful content, providing hope and vital information to those affected by mesothelioma.

Beth Swantek is a seasoned journalist and media professional based in Michigan. With a Media Communications degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Seminary, she brings a rich academic background to her craft.

Her professional journey started in broadcast journalism in northern Michigan and Dallas, evolving over 30 years to encompass a variety of roles. She has produced an award-winning documentary in India and Thailand during her time with a mission agency. She has contributed her writing, production, and directing skills to both corporate and non-profit sectors.

Today, Beth leverages her extensive media experience as a contributing writer for Drawing on a personal connection to profound loss and adversity, due to her daughter’s severe disability from a birth injury, Beth exhibits a deep understanding and empathy for individuals dealing with life-altering medical conditions like mesothelioma.

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