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The Mesothelioma Hope Promise

As a leading resource in the mesothelioma community, Mesothelioma Hope is guided by three promises that ensure we provide the best experience for our users.

Trustworthy. Accurate. Transparent.

We promise to be trustworthy.

Our contributors include board-certified doctors, licensed health care professionals, and mesothelioma lawyers who are considered experts in their respective fields. We take pride in delivering content that is not only informative but authoritative.

We promise to be accurate.

Our team of seasoned writers and editors works diligently to ensure the information we present is reliable. We regularly update our content to reflect the latest developments in mesothelioma research and treatment advances so you can make better-informed decisions about your health. Learn more about how we uphold this promise in our editorial guidelines.

We promise to be transparent.

Anyone who visits our site can find clear information about us and our sponsor. We develop content that is based on credible information from peer-reviewed medical journals, government health agencies, and leading news organizations. We list all of our sources for full transparency.

We regularly cite the following as sources:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mealey’s® Litigation Reports
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institutes of Health
  • RAND Corporation