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Mayo clinic cancer center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is a highly respected, non-profit medical institution routinely ranked #1 in the nation. Its doctors have extensive experience, treating over 100 mesothelioma patients yearly. As an NCI-Designated Cancer Center with elite comprehensive cancer center status, Mayo Clinic is a top choice for mesothelioma patients.

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About Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center has an international reputation for being the hub of cancer research and treatment. Treating all types of mesothelioma, the center has outstanding cancer experts, including physicians and scientists, who work together to make the center one of the best.

“To be ranked the No. 1 hospital in the nation for seven consecutive years is a testament to the work of our deeply committed staff, who continue to put our patients’ needs first every day.”
— Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., Mayo Clinic’s president and CEO

The cancer specialists at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center are dedicated to innovation and collaboration to drive breakthroughs in treatment. This culture makes the health system top-notch in cancer prevention and cancer screening, as well as providing world-class patient care.

Mayo Clinic Location & Overview

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center has three campuses, each with on-site mesothelioma specialists. The campuses are in Jacksonville, FL; Phoenix, AZ; and Rochester, MN. All three are considered excellent facilities.

Highlights of Mayo Clinic include:

  • Ranked #1 overall hospital in the United States for the seventh year in a row by U.S. Health News & World Report
  • U.S. News & World Report 2022-2023 “Best Hospitals Honor Roll” in 14 specialties, including cancer treatment
  • Elite status of National Cancer Institute (NCI) “Comprehensive Cancer Care” designation
  • Treats over 1.3 million cancer patients from 130 countries each year
  • Provides expert care for almost all types of cancer
  • Offers access to hundreds of clinical trials in all phases
  • World-class research programs that allow access to cutting-edge cancer treatment, such as CAR-T cell therapy and proton beam therapy
  • 3 campuses with hospitals located in Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota
  • Receives $119 million in grants each year, including NCI SPORE grants for breast cancer, multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer, and others

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Patient Experience at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Patients who choose Mayo Clinic Cancer Center can expect the standard of care they would receive from a world-class medical facility.

The facility is one of the most advanced of its kind and effectively combines clinical work, education, and research. The result of this three-pronged approach is delivering innovative and cutting-edge cancer care.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center takes a personal approach to treatment, combining multidisciplinary care with state-of-the-art research. Because numerous specialists participate in the diagnosis and treatment of every individual, patients can rest assured that they have received several “second opinions” from highly qualified professionals.

Mayo Clinic’s primary belief is that the patient’s needs come first. In addition, it focuses on several core values created by the center’s founders. These values include respect, integrity, compassion, healing, teamwork, innovation, excellence, and stewardship.

“Compassion is at the heart of our care. At Mayo Clinic, unhurried, comprehensive evaluations offer the best chance of healing and getting back to your life.”
— Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

The patient experience at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center includes world-class care by global experts. This ensures patients get the personalized attention needed to heal faster.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is a non-profit organization and doesn’t require referrals to see patients. Patients who are interested in being seen can request an appointment online.

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Mesothelioma Program at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center provides comprehensive care to patients with all types of mesothelioma, including pleural, peritoneal, pericardial, and testicular.

Your mesothelioma specialists may include experts from the following fields:

  • Pulmonary medicine
  • Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Pathology
  • Other providers as needed

The doctors at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center are known for their expertise in caring for mesothelioma patients.

Mesothelioma Doctors at Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • Dr. Shanda Blackmon
  • Dr. Anastasios (Tassos) Dimou
  • Dr. Konstantinos Leventakos
  • Dr. Aaron S. Mansfield
  • Dr. Dennis Wigle

Mesothelioma Treatment Options at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mesothelioma treatment at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center will depend on the type and stage of your cancer. This may include mesothelioma surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.

Mesothelioma treatment options may include:

  • Pleurodesis for pleural mesothelioma patients to help prevent pleural effusion, a condition where fluid builds up between the lung’s external layers.
  • Pleurectomy with decortication (P/D) to remove the lining of the lung while leaving the lung intact.
  • Extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) involves removing the infected lung, as well as the diaphragm and parts of the heart and chest lining.
  • Cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) removes tumors and flushes the abdomen in a warm chemotherapy bath. This is the only known surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma patients.
  • Chemotherapy is a medicine that kills cancer cells. It is used before a surgical procedure to help improve the success of surgery or afterward to help prevent mesothelioma from returning. Chemotherapy can be received orally, intravenously, or as a surgical procedure (HIPEC.)
  • Radiation uses high-energy beams to directly target a tumor and often complements other mesothelioma treatments. Radiation can be used to relieve pain, shrink tumors, and eliminate fluid buildup. Radiation therapy for mesothelioma may be used as a post-surgical procedure to help kill any lingering cancer cells or in scenarios where surgery isn’t an option.
  • Immunotherapy patients are given specialized drugs to stimulate the body’s immune system so it can kill cancer cells. Immunotherapy shows the immune system how to recognize cancer cells and teaches the body how to fight them.
  • Proton Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment in which radiation oncologists can directly target mesothelioma with protons as an alternative to traditional radiation that uses photons.

Clinical Trials at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center participates in hundreds of ongoing cancer clinical trials, giving mesothelioma patients access to new treatments that aren’t yet available to the public.

Mesothelioma clinical trials offer patients who are willing to try experimental treatments access to potential breakthrough drugs, surgeries, and other therapies.

Current clinical trials include new target therapy drugs and innovative approaches to immunotherapy:

  • Targeted Therapy: Sometimes referred to as “treatment trials,” targeted therapy uses drugs to attack mesothelioma cells and other anomalies within the body.
  • Immunotherapy: This therapy boosts a patient’s immune system and helps the body fight invasive cells like mesothelioma.

It is important to note that not all mesothelioma patients are eligible to participate in clinical trials. Additionally, there is no guarantee of a cure for those who do.

Talk with your doctor if you are interested in learning more about mesothelioma clinical trials. You can download our helpful list of questions you can ask your doctor to start the conversation.

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Insurance Accepted at Mayo Clinic Rochester

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center accepts most insurance plans and continues to add coverage options on an ongoing basis.

Mayo Clinic Rochester accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare/Champus, and HMOs. It also contracts with many commercial insurance companies.

Insurance plans accepted by the Mayo Clinic Rochester include:

  • Aetna
  • Allegiance Benefit Plan Management (select employer groups)
  • Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. (select employer groups)
  • America’s PPO
  • Assurant Health
  • Avera Health Plan (prior auth required)
  • Beech Street
  • Benefit Administrative Systems (select employer groups)
  • Benefit Plan Administrators (select employer groups)
  • Benefit Systems & Services, Inc. (select employer groups)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Central States Health and Welfare Fund
  • Cigna HealthCare/Great-West Healthcare
  • Colonial Cooperative Care Inc.
  • Community Health Alliance (South Bend, Ind.)
  • Comp Care of the Ozarks (CCO Inc.)
  • Coventry
  • Dakota Care
  • Dean Health Plan/Premier Medical Insurance Group (Referral Required)
  • Ed Miniat Inc.
  • Employer’s Coalition on Health
  • Federated Insurance Company
  • First Choice of the Midwest Inc.
  • First Health Network
  • Frontpath Health Coalition
  • Galaxy Health Network
  • Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, WI (referral required)
  • Health Alliance Medical Plans (select employer groups)
  • HealthEZ (select employer groups)
  • HealthPartners (verify benefit level with insurance)
  • HealthSCOPE Benefits (select employer groups)
  • Heartland Healthcare Employer Coalition
  • HFN Inc.
  • Humana
  • Insurance Management Administrators (IMA)
  • International Managed Care Services of Puerto Rico (USA and Puerto Rico residents)
  • Medica Choice Network = Direct Access
  • Meritain Health (select employer groups)
  • Midlands Choice
  • MidMichigan Health Network
  • Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)
  • MultiPlan (verify benefit level with insurance)
  • North Central Healthcare Alliance Inc.
  • Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. (referral required)
  • Preferred Health Choices LLC
  • PreferredOne Administrative Services (by referral)
  • Preferred One PPO
  • Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
  • Professional Benefit Administrators (select employer groups)
  • Purdue University
  • Sanford Health Plan (referral required)
  • Security Health Plan (Select Plans)
  • Select Benefits Administrators (select employer groups)
  • Sheboygan Employers Health Network (SEHN)
  • Star Healthcare Network Inc. (domestic)
  • SYSCO (Genam)
  • TLC Advantage
  • Trilogy
  • UCare
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • University of Minnesota
  • USA Managed Care Organization
  • Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS)

Please note this list is not exhaustive. You may call Mayo Clinic Cancer Center directly if you do not see your insurance provider. There may be additional local, international, and recently added plans.

Seeking Treatment at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Patients treated at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center can expect to receive world-class mesothelioma care.

If you would like assistance seeking treatment at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center or other mesothelioma cancer treatment centers, we can help.

Our highly trained Patient Advocates are available 24/7. With over 65 years of combined experience, they can review your diagnosis, answer your questions, and help match you with cancer treatment centers that best meet your treatment goals.

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Mesothelioma Hope has no affiliation with and is not endorsed or sponsored by Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. Any contact information listed is for informational purposes only. You have the right to contact Mayo Clinic Cancer Center directly.

Jenna TozziWritten by:

Director of Patient Advocacy

Jenna Tozzi, RN, is the Director of Patient Advocacy at Mesothelioma Hope. With more than 15 years of experience as an adult and pediatric oncology nurse navigator, Jenna provides exceptional guidance and support to mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. Jenna has been featured in Oncology Nursing News and is a member of the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators & the American Nurses Association.

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