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Shea Atkinson

Shea Atkinson

Senior SEO Associate

Before joining our team, our senior SEO associate, Shea, attended the University of Central Florida and earned his B.A. in Marketing.

Shea has over six years of experience working in the mesothelioma field. Throughout that time, Shea has developed a passion for helping patients learn about new treatments, doctors, and other information to improve a patient’s diagnosis.

Shea feels connected to Mesothelioma Hope’s mission because he has also had close family members who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as many friends who have lost their loved ones to disease.

“I want to be able to spread the word on mesothelioma to those affected so they can see what options they have to help.”

– Shea, Senior SEO Associate

When he’s not working, you can find Shea going to the movies, hanging out at the beach, cheering on the UCF football team, and going to the dog park with his Cavapoo, Cooper.

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