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Annmarie Rotan

AnnMarie Rotan, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

AnnMarie Rotan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over two decades of experience in the health care field — which includes hospital, outpatient clinical, home health, and mental health services. She also brings experience from the classroom as a professor, educating students in social work. Currently, she is an independent contractor for a home health agency, hospital, and teletherapy provider.

  • Social Worker
  • Professor
  • Caring Advocate

Education and Early Career

AnnMarie acquired her social work undergraduate and graduate degrees in Southern California.

Following graduation, she was hired by the Loma Linda Medical Center, where she spent the formative years of her career gaining experience in all areas of the hospital — each with its own diverse challenges — such as the emergency room, oncology, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Her intimate experience in crisis intervention, mediation, dynamics of death and dying, and frequent interactions with law enforcement provided skills she would continue to use throughout her career. Her extensive hospital and clinical experience opened opportunities to play an integral role in the hospital’s expansion of services to the outpatient setting.

Navigating the transition to the outpatient role varied greatly and offered new challenges, such as intensive community resource planning and creative ways of obtaining medical equipment for patients who struggled financially.

Current Career Ventures

As life held more transitions and changes, including raising two children, she moved with her family to the Midwest and eventually settled in the Southwest. These moves provided a variety of new experiences and career opportunities due to the diverse training and cultural exposure, as well as the opportunity to acquire licensure in three states.

This, in turn, allowed her to educate college students about the vital and passionate role the field of social work offers. This was a fulfillment of a lifetime goal that continues to rejuvenate her and provide joy and meaning in her career.

Her continued curiosity and drive to educate herself have led to a role as the sole social worker for multiple home health agencies. This allows her to provide personalized care through in-home patient visits to assist with community resources, identify long-term care needs, and help navigate complex insurance requirements.

She also has embarked on providing mental health remote counseling services to Medicare recipients dealing with isolation, loss/change of function, and chronic/terminal illnesses.

Dedication to Advocacy

AnnMarie has not only helped shape society through advocacy and the creation of services for individuals and families. She has also provided the skills needed to improve her patients’ lives permanently and meaningfully.

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