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Lois Sundling

Mesothelioma Hope is made up of a team of Patient Advocates, like Lois Sundling. She is proud of her ability to simplify complicated subject matters, helping mesothelioma patients and their families understand all of their medical and legal options.

Born and raised in the heart of Seattle, Lois brings a unique perspective and blend of empathy, understanding, and tenacity to her role as Patient Advocate. She prides herself on her ability to connect with mesothelioma patients and families across the country, providing both professional and personal support. Her passion for helping others is shaped by her personal experiences growing up.

Drawing strength and inspiration from her mother who overcame her challenges with cerebral palsy, Lois has dedicated more than a decade to supporting patients and families facing physical, emotional, or financial hardships.

“I get satisfaction in finding solutions and feeling that the world is a bit lighter because I was able to help.”

- Lois, Patient Advocate

Her innate passion and people skills are complemented by her various life experiences and diverse educational background. She earned a bachelor’s in zoology with a minor in fine art from the Washington State University in addition to earning an offset lithography associate degree.

While working toward a master’s in neuroscience, Lois worked as a facility member in a neuroscience lab. She led an experiment on testing neurons that affect glucose and reproductive cycles in female rats, which was later published in an academic journal.

By understanding complicated scientific subjects, Lois is able to explain these topics to clients of all ages and demographics. She goes above and beyond to provide comfort and support to our clients, simplifying complex situations and ensuring they feel understood — because she’s been in their shoes too.

After a diagnosis of arthritis, Lois was quickly given a prescription for her symptoms. By the time she heard about the lawsuit against the drug manufacturer for its deadly side effects, however, it was too late for her to take action. As a patient advocate, she works to ensure potential clients don’t experience the same misfortune.

In her free time, Lois enjoys landscape photography, painting, digital design, and hiking. Her love of the arts helps her find creative solutions for our clients.

Whether you are facing a legal battle or are simply in need of a compassionate ear, you can count on Louis to stand with you, every step of the way.

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