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Kris Moller

Mesothelioma Hope is made up of a team of Patient Advocates, like Kris Moller. Kris is proud to help those going through some of the most difficult times in their lives find relief and peace of mind.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Kris is very motivated to assist mesothelioma patients in part due to his own life experiences. He personally has struggled with long-term health problems and understands the care needed to get through the tough times.

Kris believes the support of his wife played a big part in his healing and he wants to pay it forward by emotionally assisting others during their struggles. Kris also understands firsthand how cancer and death can impact a family. He helps take care of his father, who is currently fighting cancer, and lost both of his grandmothers over the course of a year.

Further, Kris knows the sacrifices that U.S. veterans made for our country, as both of his grandfathers and two uncles fought and served. Several of them fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars — conflicts that saw the U.S. military heavily rely on asbestos, which causes the deadly cancer mesothelioma.

“I feel confident helping people get justice.”

- Kris, Patient Advocate

Kris treats anyone he speaks with like members of his own family, calmly working to ease any fears or concerns. His ultimate goal is to improve the lives of callers in any way he can.

Kris is very fulfilled by his work, as it allows him to help those fighting mesothelioma get key resources they need.

In his spare time, Kris likes to produce music, work on computer coding, and cook for his wife. Together they have a beautiful daughter who shares Kris’ passion for music. Kris and his family reside in Texas.

Kris looks forward to hearing your story and providing guidance during this difficult time.

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