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Dr. Edward Levine

Peritoneal Mesothelioma Expert

Dr. Edward A. Levine is a surgical oncologist who has spent more than 25 years treating patients diagnosed with mesothelioma. He currently leads the hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) team at Wake Forest Medical Center, where he has improved the length and quality of life for hundreds of mesothelioma patients.

or call (866) 608-8933

or call (866) 608-8933

About Dr. Edward Levine

Dr. Levine has substantial involvement in research trials investigating his patients’ quality of life upon completing cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC. He has also studied survival outcomes, tumor genomics, and the types of chemotherapy drugs administered throughout the HIPEC procedure.

Dr. Levine is a board-certified physician nationally recognized for:

“The HIPEC procedure represents a significant advance in the approach of patients who have had tumors which have spread inside the peritoneal cavity and other places. This gives us real options with the hope of long-term, disease-free survival with good quality of life.”

- Dr. Edward Levine

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Dr. Levine’s Career Highlights

Dr. Levine has had an extensive career dedicated to advancing chemotherapy technologies for mesothelioma patients.

His career highlights include:

  • Helping lead one of the world’s largest quality-of-life studies for HIPEC patients
  • Leading the heated chemotherapy program at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
  • Researching new HIPEC chemotherapy agents to help expand treatment options

Dr. Levine’s Background

Dr. Levine began his post-secondary education at Northern Illinois University, where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree. He holds a medical degree from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Two years after completing a general surgical residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, he completed another residency in oncology at the University of Illinois Hospital.

Dr. Levine worked at Louisiana State University before joining the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist in North Carolina.

During his time at Atrium Health, Dr. Levine has made significant contributions toward the understanding and treatment of peritoneal mesothelioma. His research has covered many topics and resulted in more than 150 published works, many of which focus on mesothelioma and HIPEC.

Medical Specializations

Dr. Levine is a surgical oncologist specializing in peritoneal diseases. Alongside the HIPEC team at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, he has performed the procedure on more than 1,000 patients. HIPEC is widely considered the most successful method of treating peritoneal mesothelioma.

“Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center enjoys one of the largest experiences in the world with cytoreductive surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy.”

- Dr. Edward Levine

Although Dr. Levine is widely recognized for his work with mesothelioma, he also specializes in rare appendix and colon cancers.

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Dr. Levine’s Career Accomplishments

Dr. Levine stands out in the medical community for his extensive knowledge of mesothelioma. He has also completed numerous research trials on mesothelioma and other peritoneal conditions, some of which have focused on patient quality of life and increasing survival outcomes.

“To patients, I would say that even though your type of tumor is rare, with only about 3,000 new cases per year, don’t feel alone.  There is active research taking place for this type of cancer.”

- Dr. Edward Levine

Awards & Honors

Dr. Levine’s awards and honors include:

  • American Chemical Society Fellow
  • Best Doctors In America
  • CMS Meaningful Use Stage 1 Certification
  • EpicCare Inpatient – Core EMR
  • Top Doctor for Cancer

Dr. Levine’s Current Work

Dr. Levine currently serves as chief of surgical oncology at Wake Forest University. Since 1998, he has also educated the next generation of surgical oncologists at Wake Forest University as a professor of surgery.

His work has received numerous grants for his research into the genomics of tumors and is supported by organizations like the National Surgical Breast and Bowel Project and the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group.

Dr. Levine is also a member of many organizations, including:

  • Alpha Omega Alpha
  • American Association of Clinical Oncology
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association
  • Association of Academic Surgery
  • Connective Tissue Oncology Society
  • North Carolina Medical Society
  • Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
  • Society of Surgical Oncology
  • Southern Surgical Association

Notable Work by Dr. Levine

Dr. Levine has conducted a substantial amount of research on survival rates for patients with diffuse malignant peritoneal mesothelioma.

In a collaborated effort, he published an article that discussed his development of a two-tier system using the number of epithelioid cells present in peritoneal mesothelioma cases that analyzes patients’ survival rates. The study categorized the tumors into low-grade or high-grade based on the microbiology of the cells and then plotted their survival rate.

The study ultimately concluded that patients with low-grade diffuse peritoneal mesothelioma lived for several years longer after treatment than those with high-grade diffuse mesothelioma.

Dr. Levine’s work in this area is important because peritoneal mesothelioma previously did not have an effective staging system compared to pleural mesothelioma.

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Dr. Levine’s Healing Philosophy

Dr. Levine encourages patients to get well-prepared before and after undergoing mesothelioma treatments.

“Come to this treatment in the best possible shape. By that, I mean not just physiologically and nutritionally, but also your mental state and spiritual state — all of these are important. The better the shape you are in, the better the outcome.”

- Dr. Edward Levine

He also stresses the importance of having a relationship with your mesothelioma doctors and medical team.

Get to know your surgeon, talk about what to expect, and get to know the hospital you will be spending time in. Both the patients and caregivers need to know their surroundings and their surgeon in order to keep stress in check and to take care of themselves as well as possible while going through surgery.”

- Dr. Edward Levine

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Mesothelioma Hope has no affiliation with and is not endorsed or sponsored by Dr. Edward Levine. Any contact information listed is for informational purposes only. You have the right to contact Dr. Edward Levine directly.

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Laura Wright is a journalist and content strategist with more than 15 years of professional experience. She attended college at the University of Florida, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2008. Her writing has been featured in The Gainesville Sun and other regional publications throughout Florida.

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