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Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawyer

Once home to robust manufacturing and shipbuilding industries that relied on asbestos, Massachusetts has the 13th-highest death toll from asbestos-related diseases. Fortunately, a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer can help asbestos victims access justice and financial compensation.

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Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents who suffer from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases deserve compensation. The manufacturers of asbestos-containing products knew the grave dangers of asbestos exposure, but they chose not to warn their workers or the public.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8,103 Massachusetts residents died from asbestos-related diseases between 1999-2017. Of those, more than 1,500 died from mesothelioma.

Today, asbestos victims can work with a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer to pursue justice and compensation.

Asbestos claims have been filed by mesothelioma victims who lived or worked in these Massachusetts locations:

  • Attleboro
  • Bedford
  • Boston
  • Brockton
  • Cambridge
  • Concord
  • Fall River
  • Freetown
  • Lincoln
  • Lowell
  • Lynn
  • Millbury
  • Norfolk
  • Peabody
  • Quincy
  • Reading
  • Salem
  • Springfield
  • Worcester
  • And more
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When looking for a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer, it’s important to select a firm with the experience, reputation, and resources to advocate for you. Thankfully, Mesothelioma Hope has partnered with an experienced mesothelioma law firm that can help patients like you: Simmons Hanly Conroy.

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Massachusetts Mesothelioma Law Firm

As one of the nation’s largest mass tort law firms, Simmons Hanly Conroy is dedicated to helping victims of mesothelioma and other personal injuries find justice and hope.

The attorneys at Simmons Hanly Conroy have centuries of combined experience, and they aim to provide their clients with first-class legal services.

Our sponsor firm has recovered over $125 million on behalf of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease victims in Massachusetts alone. A few of the firm’s recent mesothelioma settlement amounts are highlighted below.

Massachusetts Mesothelioma Settlements Recovered by Simmons Hanly Conroy

  • $3.8 millionNavy Veteran
  • $3.6 millionFactory worker
  • $2.54 millionElectrician
  • $2.4 millionConstruction worker

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All Simmons Hanly Conroy settlement amounts have been fact-checked and verified by our editorial team.

Asbestos Exposure Sites in Massachusetts

Several different Massachusetts industries (including manufacturing and power plants) used asbestos heavily before the 1980s. These job sites put workers at risk of asbestos exposure and deadly diseases.

Examples of known asbestos exposure sites include:

  • A.C. Lawrence Factory, Peabody
  • Algonquin Gas Company Generating Plant, Freetown
  • Berkshire Gas Company, Pittsfield
  • Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard, Hingham
  • Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston
  • Fore River Shipyard, Quincy
  • General Dynamics Shipyard, Quincy
  • General Electric Co., Lynn
  • Monsanto Plant, Springfield
  • Nantucket Navy Base, Nantucket
  • New England Power Company, Waltham
  • Nuclear Metals, Inc., Concord
  • Otis Air Force Base, Buzzards Bay
  • Schweitzer-Mauduit Paper Mill, Great Barrington
  • Springfield Foundry Company, West Springfield
  • Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, Rowe

There are hundreds of other asbestos sites throughout Massachusetts. The above list only displays a small fraction. The best mesothelioma attorneys in Massachusetts keep extensive databases with detailed records of asbestos exposure sites throughout the state.

If you are trying to determine whether your past workplace has a history of asbestos exposure, get in touch with a trusted Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer today.

Massachusetts Counties With the Highest Number of Asbestos-Related Deaths

Asbestos affects families and communities in every state and county in the U.S. Along with mesothelioma, asbestos exposure has caused thousands of deaths in Massachusetts from related diseases like asbestosis and lung cancer. Five counties were hit particularly hard in recent years.

Asbestos-Related Deaths Between 1999-2017
CountyEstimated DeathsAverage Deaths Per Year
Middlesex County1,85097
Norfolk County1,22264
Plymouth County87245
Essex County86245
Worcester County69936

Know Your Rights: Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawsuits

It is best for those harmed by asbestos to file a mesothelioma lawsuit with the help of an experienced Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer.

Compensation from a lawsuit can help asbestos victims:

  • Cover funeral service-related costs
  • Offer long-term security for partners, children, and grandchildren
  • Pay for costly out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Save money for the future

Filing a lawsuit with a top Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer is the best way for qualified residents to receive financial compensation for expenses and for their hardship.

Who Is Eligible to File a Mesothelioma Claim in Massachusetts?

In addition to Massachusetts residents, mesothelioma patients who may have been exposed to asbestos while working in, living in, or visiting the state might qualify to file a claim for financial compensation.

Additionally, anyone who’s been diagnosed with other serious asbestos-related diseases — such as lung cancer or asbestosis — may also qualify to file a claim with the help of a Massachusetts mesothelioma attorney.

Even those who develop an asbestos-related disease later in life, such as mesothelioma, may be eligible to file a claim. Surviving family members may also be able to file a claim on behalf of a mesothelioma victim.

A Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer can explain how the state’s laws and regulations impact someone’s eligibility for different types of asbestos claims. Use our Free Attorney Checklist to find a qualified legal professional near you.

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Mesothelioma Settlements and Verdicts in Massachusetts

An overwhelming majority of mesothelioma lawsuits end in a settlement between the victim and the defending companies.

The connection between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma is so clear that many former manufacturers of asbestos-containing products would rather settle out of court than go through a drawn-out trial that may ultimately cost them more money to fight.

The average mesothelioma settlement awards victims between $1 million and $1.4 million on average, but some award more or less than this.

If a mesothelioma lawsuit is not resolved with a settlement, it may proceed to a trial. In a trial, a jury hears each side (the victim’s and the manufacturer’s) and determines how much compensation the injured party (plaintiff) may be owed.

The average mesothelioma trial verdict is between $5 million and $11.4 million.

To learn more about how much your potential claim may be worth, consult with a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer.

Asbestos Laws and Regulations in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has several laws in place to protect residents from the harmful effects of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos laws and regulations in Massachusetts include:

  • Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development (MDLWD): This department governs the removal, containment, and safe disposal of asbestos. The MDLWD has also established training requirements, recordkeeping, notification of asbestos projects, and worker protection requirements.
  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA): In Massachusetts, this act demands the monitoring and reporting of asbestos exposure in public schools and requires the Local Education Agency (LEA) to notify parents, teachers, and staff yearly regarding the availability of a local Asbestos Management Plan.
  • The National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP): Massachusetts closely follows these standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Top mesothelioma lawyers in Massachusetts are familiar with these regulations and when companies may be in violation of them.

Statutes of Limitations in Massachusetts

Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer reviewing paperwork with a husband and wife

Statutes of limitations are state laws that determine how much time a mesothelioma victim or their family has to file a claim.

In Massachusetts, statutes of limitations are determined by which type of mesothelioma lawsuit is being filed.

The two main types of mesothelioma lawsuits include:

  • Personal injury lawsuit
  • Wrongful death lawsuit

Regardless of the type of lawsuit, statutes of limitations rarely give victims more than 1-3 years to file a mesothelioma claim. Each case is different, but potential claimants can contact a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer to learn more about their lawsuit claim deadline.

Asbestos Trust Funds in Massachusetts

Even though statutes of limitations may render some mesothelioma claims out of date, many mesothelioma victims may still be able to pursue compensation through asbestos trust funds.

Hundreds of asbestos trust funds were created by companies that went bankrupt trying to fend off asbestos lawsuits. These trust funds are made up of money that was court-ordered to be set aside for future mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease victims.

Because these trust funds were established by the federal court system, they do not need to follow state statute of limitations. Each trust fund has its own rules regarding the deadline to file a claim.

A Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer can see if you can access money from an asbestos trust fund. Get started now.

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Massachusetts VA Information for Mesothelioma Victims

Because the U.S. military was the biggest consumer of asbestos-containing products before the 1980s, around 33% of all new mesothelioma cases are diagnosed in veterans.

Examples of military bases in Massachusetts that used asbestos include:

  • Fort Devens
  • Hanscom Air Force Base
  • North Truro Air Force Base
  • Otis Air Force Base (AKA Otis Air National Guard Base)
  • Soldier Systems Center
  • Westover Air Reserve Base

Thankfully, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aids veterans with mesothelioma by offering a number of military benefits.

Massachusetts VA Benefits

VA benefits include:

  • Aid & Attendance
  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Disability consultation
  • Survivors benefits

Veterans with mesothelioma can also seek medical care through the VA. The VA has partnered with top mesothelioma doctors to help veterans.

Two VA mesothelioma doctors include:

There are many ways to get in touch with the VA in Massachusetts. Learn more about the offices below by visiting

Veterans Benefits Administration

  • VA Boston Health Care System: Jamaica Plain, Boston

VA Medical Centers

  • Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA), Bedford
  • VA Boston Health Care System, Brockton Campus, Brockton
  • VA Boston Health Care System, Jamaica Plain Campus, Jamaica Plain
  • VA Central Western Massachusetts Health Care System, Leeds
  • VA Boston Health Care System, West Roxbury Campus, West Roxbury

VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinics

  • Fitchburg Outpatient Clinic
  • Framingham Outpatient Clinic
  • Gloucester Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Greenfield Outpatient Clinic
  • Haverhill Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Hyannis Outpatient Clinic
  • Lowell Outpatient Clinic
  • Lynn Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • New Bedford Outpatient Clinic
  • Pittsfield Outpatient Clinic
  • Plymouth Outreach Clinic
  • Quincy Outpatient Clinic
  • Springfield Outpatient Clinic
  • Worcester Outpatient Clinic

VA Veterans Centers

  • Boston Veterans Center
  • Brockton Veterans Center
  • Cape Cod Veterans Center
  • Lowell Veterans Center
  • New Bedford Veterans Center
  • Springfield Veterans Center
  • Worcester Veterans Center

In addition to directly engaging with federal VA services, veterans can also seek help for service-related injuries from a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer and service officers who are accredited to work with veterans.

AML and VFW Service Officers in Massachusetts

The American Legion (AML) and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are two organizations that hire Veterans Service Officers (VSO) to help veterans apply for federal and state benefits.

In Massachusetts, there are hundreds of registered and accredited VSOs across a majority of the state’s cities and towns. VSOs are found in every county in Massachusetts.

You can find information on your local office by visiting the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services (MDVS) website.

The MDVS maintains a comprehensive database of VSOs that is updated yearly.

Download our Free Veterans Compensation Guide today to learn if and how you can access financial assistance for an asbestos-related illness.

Connect With a Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is important to get in touch with a Massachusetts mesothelioma lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced Massachusetts mesothelioma attorney can help you:

  1. Identify the Massachusetts work sites or locations where you were exposed to asbestos
  2. Obtain medical and military records
  3. Build an asbestos claim that maximizes your chances of securing compensation
  4. File your claim within the proper Massachusetts statute of limitations

To find out more — and to learn if you may be eligible for compensation — get a free case evaluation.

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