Mesothelioma nurses are a specific type of clinical nurse specialist with expert training in caring for patients suffering from this rare and fatal form of cancer.

Regarded as leaders in the field of health care, cancer clinical nurse specialists are advanced practice registered nurses who have earned a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.

These specialty nurses have extensive training in the areas of pharmacology, physical assessments, and physiology.

Depending on which state they practice in, cancer care nurses with advanced degrees can also diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, and bill patients for services rendered.

Keep reading to learn more about the nurses who help those diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Advanced Practice Nurse Roles: Mesothelioma Nurses

Mesothelioma nurses are closely familiar with the prognosis, symptoms, and stages of this cancer, allowing them to answer patients’ specific questions regarding their condition.

Mesothelioma Nurses in Medical Facilities

Along with providing clinical care, mesothelioma nurses also focus on helping patients feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment.

For example, they may administer medications to prepare patients for a biopsy in order to check tissues for signs of mesothelioma.

They may also ask patients questions about any allergies or special requirements that should be shared with their doctors.

Depending on the doctor’s office or hospital where a patient is receiving treatment, mesothelioma nurses may also be available during medical procedures to help provide comfort and care.

In some instances, mesothelioma nurses are present during surgery to assist the surgeon and ensure that the patient’s needs are met.

Mesothelioma Nurses in Hospice Settings

Outside of medical clinics and hospitals, some mesothelioma nurses work in hospice settings  to help make mesothelioma patients feel as comfortable as possible during their last few months of life.

Since the average mesothelioma life expectancy is 12-21 months, some patients choose to pursue hospice care at their residence so they can spend their final moments in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Whether at a public facility or at a private residence, mesothelioma nurses can support patients and their families with any late-stage care needs.

Find Mesothelioma Care and Support

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