Learn about the critical role Amy plays at Mesothelioma Hope, where she’s often the first contact for patients seeking guidance on their treatment options

Amy Fair has witnessed countless stories of strength and resilience since she became a mesothelioma nurse over 20 years ago.

“You would be amazed and fascinated at the heartfelt stories you hear when you’re helping patients with their daily routines,” Amy says.

Today, Amy is part of a team of knowledgeable Patient Advocates at Mesothelioma Hope, where she guides patients through every step of their diagnosis and treatment.

Learn more about Amy’s background, her passion for working with veterans and older adults, and how she helps families find hope during a time of uncertainty.

Nurse Amy’s Impact on Mesothelioma Patients

On a typical day, Amy receives numerous phone calls from patients and caregivers facing mesothelioma. Her expertise in this rare form of cancer allows her to address all of their questions and concerns with the utmost care.

“Patients call me before they even speak with an oncologist (cancer doctor). For many patients, I am the first person they go to for guidance.”
– Amy Fair, RN, Mesothelioma Hope Patient Advocate

Most of the people Amy speaks with have just received a diagnosis and are trying to figure out their next steps.

She says these are the top 3 questions she gets asked:

  • What should I ask the oncologist and/or surgeon?
  • Who is the best mesothelioma doctor in the country?
  • Where can I go for emotional support?

Amy assists these callers by recommending mesothelioma specialists near them and sharing helpful support resources. She also provides a handout of common questions and medical terms to review prior to their first doctor’s appointment.

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From Fear to Hope: The Transformation of Mesothelioma Care

Nurse Amy points out that there have been tremendous strides in mesothelioma treatment over the past two decades.

“Twenty years ago, people were much more terrified of the disease because we didn’t have a lot of resources to help patients,” Amy notes. “Oncologists didn’t know where to refer patients — and some of them didn’t even know how to pronounce the word ‘mesothelioma,’ so it was just referred to as ‘meso.’”

Amy highlights that both peritoneal and pleural mesothelioma patients now have a better chance of living longer with treatment.

“We’ve come a long way with being able to help people properly because of substantial advancements in the knowledge that we have about the disease and the different treatment options that are available,” she says.

“There is much greater hope for people now than ever before. With the current treatment options, patients can live much longer.”
– Amy Fair, RN, Mesothelioma Hope Patient Advocate

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Supporting Families Affected by Mesothelioma

In the last few years, Amy has noticed that most people looking for emotional support are elderly widows who recently lost their husbands to mesothelioma cancer.

She prides herself on being a compassionate listener. She also recommends mesothelioma support groups they can access online or in person for additional support.

For family members in the midst of the grieving process, Amy goes the extra mile to send them a copy of the book Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss.

“I am shocked by the relationships that I have developed with these families,” she says. “Two years will go by, and I am still in touch with them, and they share details about their personal lives with me. It’s been humbling and enlightening.”

Serving Those Who Served

Amy is particularly proud to serve older U.S. veterans in her role with Mesothelioma Hope. Military veterans are one of the highest-risk groups for developing this cancer, making up one-third of all diagnosed cases.

Amy’s appreciation for former service members runs deep. Her father was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, and her brother enlisted when he was 18 years old, ultimately becoming a master sergeant.

Growing up in a military family, Amy naturally gravitates toward helping veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma.

“I love helping veterans because they are excellent communicators. I love talking to them about their unique experiences while they served our country.”
– Amy Fair, RN, Mesothelioma Hope Patient Advocate

In addition to helping veterans get the medical treatments they need, Amy is able to connect them with Mesothelioma Hope’s VA-accredited claims agents to help them pursue benefits and compensation for their illness.

Download our Free Veterans Guide today to learn more about VA health care and financial assistance available to former service members with mesothelioma.

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How a Grandmother Inspired Amy’s Career in Patient Advocacy

From a young age, Amy discovered she had a natural ability to connect with older adults.

After her grandfather died, Amy’s grandmother Ida moved in with her family. Ida would watch Amy and her three siblings after school and make them dinner while her mom worked the second shift at her job.

“Grandmother Ida had so many stories to tell,” Amy recalls. “These stories began my respect for the knowledge the elderly hold.”

Amy spent 11 years working in the loans department of a local bank after high school. She would listen attentively to the older customers as they delved into stories about their families, medical conditions, and military service.

She credits her close relationship with her 95-year-old grandmother as the key to easily connecting with these elderly clients — a bond that continues to influence her work as a Patient Advocate.

“Who would have known that my grandmother Ida would influence my passion for helping the elderly and serving the mesothelioma community through advocacy work based on compassion and hope?”
– Amy Fair, RN, Mesothelioma Hope Patient Advocate

Get in Touch With Nurse Amy Today

If you’re navigating the challenges of a mesothelioma diagnosis, our team is here to help.

With over 20 years of experience in mesothelioma care, Amy Fair is more than a nurse — she’s a trusted ally who helps families through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Whether you’re a patient looking for treatment or a family member coping with loss, you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Call (866) 608-8933 now to connect with Amy and get the personalized guidance you need.

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