OSHA regulations

What Do I Do if My Employer Isn’t Following OSHA Asbestos Standards?

As the health-related consequences of asbestos exposure have become more widely known, Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) has been regulating the amount of asbestos exposure in the workplace since the 1970s. These regulations on both the federal and state levels outline the requirements for measurement of potential exposure as well as specific work practices. What…

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Asbestos banned

Which Countries Have Banned Asbestos?

Awareness about the significant dangers associated with asbestos exposure has spread rapidly across the globe, with many countries acting quickly to take action and keep their citizens safe. As a result, 55 countries around the world have banned asbestos. Although several of these nations permit exceptional and limited use of asbestos-containing products, it can be…

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Construction workers at risk mesothelioma

UK Survey Shows Continued Asbestos Risk for Construction Workers

A new survey of UK construction workers reveals a shocking number of employees exposed to asbestos on the job, and an even greater number unaware that asbestos causes mesothelioma and other conditions. An Eye-Opening Survey Britain’s Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) commissioned the study. Five hundred construction workers answered a series of questions…

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