Contractor Fined $10,000 For Asbestos Removal Violations

An Iowa contractor and building inspector was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to pay $11,573 in fines and prosecution costs for asbestos removal violations on his own home renovation project. Steven Weaver, a resident of Algona, Iowa, purchased a home in Kossuth County with plans to renovate and transform the property into a…

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Seattle Renovation Companies Ordered to Pay Nearly $800K In Fines for Asbestos Violations

Despite knowing the dangers of asbestos, renovation companies throughout the nation continue to ignore the risks and put workers, homeowners and residents in danger. However, justice is being served in Seattle where two companies have been ordered to pay $789,200 in fines due to their negligence in violating asbestos regulations. James Thorpe and Chris Walters,…

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What Are The Top Reasons Some Mesothelioma Lawsuits Fail?

Filing a mesothelioma claim can help victims receive the compensation they deserve for the harm caused by negligent companies. However, mesothelioma lawsuits can fail when the victim is unable to provide sufficient proof to support their claim against the asbestos-containing product producers. Media Attention Highlights Varying Verdicts in Mesothelioma Trails Recently, Johnson & JohnsonRead more

Revolutionary Cancer Breath Test Moves to Clinical Trials

Researchers at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Center are currently recruiting the first participants for a new clinical trial to develop a cancer breath test. The breath test could aid in the early detection of multiple cancers and reduce the need for invasive diagnostic procedures like surgical biopsies. How Cancer Breath Testing Works Researchers are…

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