Dr. Amit Patel

Dr. Amit Patel is the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and specializes in treating mesothelioma and cardiothoracic cancers. Dr. Patel’s thoracic oncology interests include hyperthermic chemotherapy, which has completely eliminated cancer in many mesothelioma patients and extended the lives of many more.

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About Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel focuses on numerous additional areas of thoracic health, including stem cell treatments for heart and lung disorders, minimally invasive surgery techniques, and endovascular and endocardiac therapies. Dr. Patel has led several significant clinical trials, with focuses on advanced heart surgery, endographs, thoracic aortic surgery and valve replacement and repair.

Dr. Patel currently practices at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, and Jackson Memorial Hospital, all of which are located in Miami, FL.

We can turn back the clock—some patients five years, sometimes ten years. We have a number of patients here in the U.S. that started in our clinical trials in version one, and they’ve gone through three different groups of clinical trials now, and they’re still alive seven to ten years later. — Dr. Amit Patel

Dr. Patel’s Location

Mesothelioma patients interested in working with Dr. Patel can contact him at:

University of Miami Health System

1475 NW 12th Avenue

Miami, FL 33136

(305) 689-2780

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Dr. Patel’s Career Highlights

Dr. Patel is an accomplished cardio surgeon and his career highlights include:

  • Expert in minimally invasive cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries
  • Research in bio-engineering, including tissue engineering, gene therapy, stem cell therapies and robotic delivery
  • Current research in future polymer valve therapies
  • Oversaw innovative regenerative medicine and tissue engineering fields at the University of Utah

Dr. Patel’s Background

Dr. Patel was born in Dallas, Texas. He began his medical education at Youngstown State University, in Ohio, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. After receiving an M.D. from Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Patel went on to complete his surgery residency at Baylor University Medical Center. He then worked at the University of Pittsburgh, where he completed his fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery.

Dr. Patel Background Update

Dr. Patel worked for several years at the University of Utah School of Medicine, as their director of Clinical Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering and professor of surgery, where he applied his bioengineering background towards stem cell research. He then joined the University of Miami Health System as Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Throughout his career, Dr. Patel has been published in several medical journals, presented his expertise throughout the world, and served as national principal investigator for several first-in-human trials. These experiences have helped train other surgeons on how to best treat cardiothoracic conditions like mesothelioma. Dr. Patel has also worked with clinical sites across the globe, helping provide advanced cardiac therapies to patients without medical care in Europe, Asian, and South America.

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Medical Specializations

Dr. Patel’s specialty is cardiothoracic surgery, and he has done extensive research into heart failure and cardiothoracic cancers like mesothelioma. He is known for his application of bioengineering in the cardiothoracic field, applying new technology and techniques to existing heart problems, and ultimately developing new patient therapies.

“Biologic therapy is not a cure. It’s a treatment. It’s like a drug; you have to give it multiple doses. By the time you’re intervening on patients, they’ve already had between 20 and 60 years of not only environmental, physiologic, but all these different things also affect the body. So to expect that one drug or one dose of something is going to cure them is unrealistic,” said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel is also interested in hyperthermic chemotherapy, a treatment option that has been highly successful for mesothelioma patients. After a tumor has been removed, hyperthermic chemotherapy is a procedure that uses anti-cancer drugs to kill microscope cells that are left behind. These drugs are directly applied to a patient’s organs or tissue, and hyperthermic chemotherapy has greatly improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Patel has also done extensive research with stem cell therapies and tissue engineering and is currently working on polymer valve therapies, as existing solutions have numerous risks.

Dr. Patel’s Career Accomplishments

Dr. Amit Patel has led an accomplished career, participating in numerous ground-breaking research trials. He is known for his innovative applications of science and technology, developing new therapies for heart and lung conditions, including heart disease, valve replacements, and mesothelioma treatments.

On the thoracic focus of his expertise, Dr. Patel has noted his interest in hypothermic chemotherapy for mesothelioma, as well as minimally invasive lung resections. He has participated in cancer stem cell identification and destruction research and developed agents that attack thoracic sarcoma, metastatic diseases and lung cancer.

Dr. Patel has also led numerous trials that utilize stem cells and gene therapy to treat cardiomyopathy and limb ischemia.

Awards & Honours

  • 2012: CMS  Meaningful Use – Stage 1 (EpicCare Ambulatory EMR, Epic Systems Corporation)
  • 2013: CMS  Meaningful Use – Stage 1 (EpicCare Ambulatory EMR, Epic Systems Corporation)

Dr. Patel’s Current Work

Dr. Patel currently works for the University of Miami Health System in South Florida, a hospital system backed by the research and education work of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. The system includes over 30 outpatient locations in addition to three major hospitals.

The University of Miami Health System is renowned for their patients’ ability to participate in groundbreaking clinical trials, combining laboratory work with patient care and providing innovative therapies that aren’t yet available elsewhere. The medical network employs over 1,200 scientists and physicians and is considered one of the best medical systems in the nation.

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Dr. Patel’s Notable Clinical Trials

While Dr. Patel’s major focus has been on the surgical treatments of coronary heart disease, he’s also a recognized pioneer in advanced biotechnological therapies for cancer. Dr. Patel currently has several clinical trials and studies underway exploring various types of stem cell therapies for certain cancers, including mesothelioma.

Dr. Patel’s stem cell therapy is an approach to treatment that identifies and targets the groups of cancer cells that have the greatest capacity to metastasize (spread). By isolating and destroying these cells, it can slow down or stop the progression of the cancer. This is especially important is a particular type of mesothelioma called sarcomatoid. As the deadliest and least treatable cell type, sarcomatoid mesothelioma has a high propensity to spread and form tumors quickly.

Stem cell therapies are considered novel treatments because they are non-standardized treatments. To develop a novel treatment, a doctor must think outside the box and try a new and unusual approach to therapy that otherwise would have never been attempted. It’s this commitment to innovative thinking that makes Dr. Patel one of the top specialized mesothelioma doctors in the country.

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